MyGP hits new milestone with 20m monthly active users

MyGP, Grameenphone’s flagship app, has recently reached a significant landmark, amassing 20 million monthly active users, making it Bangladesh’s leading app. This achievement solidifies MyGP's position as the country's leading digital platform providing unparalleled convenience and a seamless digital experience to millions of Bangladeshi mobile users right at their fingertips. To mark the momentous occasion, a celebration was held yesterday at the capital’s GPHouse in presence of Yasir Azman, Chief Executive Officer, Grameenphone; Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Officer, Grameenphone and other management members of the company, says a press release.

Launched in 2016, MyGP was envisioned as a one-stop solution for Grameenphone customers to access a wide range of services effortlessly. Over the years, the app has continuously evolved into a comprehensive digital platform, adding new capabilities and innovative features to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of its growing user base.

MyGP has revolutionized the way users interact with their mobile network, simplifying and enhancing user experience, cementing its position as the leading digital platform of the country with 20 million monthly active users. With its ability to personalize customer journeys and offer ai-enabled tailored deals powered by simplified recharge and payment solutions, MyGP has become synonymous with the No.1 minute and internet deals available in the market.

It continues to be the largest local self-service app in Bangladesh providing 99% of Grameenphone’s services and after-sales services, all through a personalized and user-friendly interface. The app's unique features, such as real-time updates on account balance, validity, roaming services and more have made it an indispensable tool for millions of users daily.

The app's comprehensive service offerings extend beyond telecommunications, encompassing entertainment, sports, education, simplified mobile financial service integration and GPStar discounts. MyGP's seamless streaming capabilities for major sports events and hassle-free access to leading content platforms provide unmatched convenience and entertainment on the go. Additionally, lifestyle-oriented content, including news platforms as well as GP’s premiere Islamic content and prayer timing service has integrated MyGP into the daily lives of its users.

Traversing beyond just telco benefits, MyGP now provides hassle free access to Grameenphone’s millions of customers to an array of cutting-edge IoT devices, redefining the future of digital lifestyle. Customers can embark on a journey of a safer, healthier and happier life and experience interconnected intelligence and service excellence by purchasing devices like vehicle tracking systems and advanced safety monitors- all at competitively attractive prices and with unparalleled convenience, further fortifying its place as the leading digital platform of the country.

Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Officer, Grameenphone, said "Crossing the 20 million monthly user mark is a testament to the unwavering trust and love of our customers. Our relentless focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and solving real customer problems has enabled us to transform MyGP from simple self-service to an all-in-one solution that combines all the telco benefits of Grameenphone with an array of lifestyle, entertainment and other offerings, making it the ultimate digital partner of our customers.”

He further added, “With the vision to build a digital ecosystem which caters to the evolving digital needs of our customers and progression towards a more digital savvy future, MyGP set out to build a platform for all to get things done in a simple, faster manner on the go, further solidifying its position as the nation's leading digital platform.”