The acting attorney also said that Netflix and other companies expect and deserve honest services from its employees.

According to the evidence presented at trial to the federal jury, Kail, 49, of Los Gatos, was employed at Netflix as the Vice President in charge of IT Operations from 2011 until July 2014.

Netflix prohibited conflicts of interest by its employees in its Code of Ethics and its “Culture Deck,” which required disclosure of actual or apparent conflicts of interest and reporting gifts from people or entities seeking to sell to the company.

As Netflix’s vice president of IT Operations, Kail approved the contracts to purchase IT products and services from smaller outside vendor companies and authorised their payments.

The evidence demonstrated that Kail accepted bribes in akickbacks’ from nine tech companies providing products or services to Netflix.

In exchange, Kail approved millions of dollars in contracts for goods and services to be provided to Netflix.

Kail ultimately received over $500,000 and stock options from these outside companies. He used his kickback payments to pay personal expenses and to buy a home in Los Gatos, California in the name of a family trust.