Instant messaging platform imo offers a safe and convenient medium of communication for the users. imo has recently introduced a feature, ‘Flash Call,’ to make the login process much safer through a phone-call verification, instead of OTP (One Time Password), which will help the users prevent any breaching. If a user doesn’t choose Flash Call at first, then OTP will be alternatively sent, along with the reminder not to share your verification code with anyone else. There are other features like multi-device login notification to the users. When there is an attempt to log in, the user could find details in ‘Manage Devices’ setting, including device information, location and time, so that user could delete any suspicious one. Moreover, abnormal account management like restricting newly logged-in device, which are detected as abnormal ones, from changing numbers or deleting account in a period of time are very helpful in preventing virtual trespassing, and friends of these abnormal accounts will be sent a notice, to protect their information from this abnormality.

From January to September, users reported 6 cases each day on an average. Through more enhanced multi-faceted security system, the number has been reduced to 1 case each day on average in October and November. In September and October, imo identified and blocked two hacking groups who were arrested by police in no time, through leading technology by 24/7 deployment.

Do NOT share your personal info such as phone number, SMS code, bank account, etc. These are the key security reminders, one should pay heed to. However, it is also true that the account users must also share some responsibilities to protect one’s own security and privacy on instant messaging apps. 1. Not sharing password and OTP is the most important one. 2. If you see an abnormal suspicious activity happening with a friend’s account, immediately alert them and do not share your own information with this suspicious account. 3. One should always pay attention to the numbers of devices under usage, checking the settings frequently to remove suspicious ones. 4. Report any suspicious activity immediately inside the app.

No doubt that every app provider should continuously offer best-in-class technology and try their level best to protect user’s security. While for users, paying heed to the tips and acting responsibly are necessary. Concerted efforts from both sides would be the better way forward to defeat the hackers and create a healthy online space.