New gadgets dreamt up to fight coronavirus

Driving to work at his factory to the west of London last week, designer Steve Brooks had coronavirus on his mind. What could he make that would let him open a door without touching the handle?

‘SpaceX's simulated spacecraft becomes unstable in parachute test’

Private rocket company SpaceX had an incident during parachute testing for its Crew Dragon capsule, in which the simulated spacecraft being tested became unstable and was dropped early, according to ...

Home work triggers demand jump for laptops, network goods

With more employees working from home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, demand is surging for laptops and network peripherals as well as components along the supply chain such as chips, as ...

Tech lifestyles enable 'safe escape' from coronavirus

For people hunkering down due to the coronavirus epidemic, the tech sector has become their new best friend with an array of lifestyle solutions making "social distancing" easier

Viruses: Ancient, tiny, amazing

They're as old as life itself but scientists can't say for sure if they're alive. They're written into our DNA, shaping the human saga through mutation and resilience

Internet giants fight spread of coronavirus untruths

As the new coronavirus spreads globally, the online battle to keep misinformation about the disease is also stepping up.Google, Facebook and other platforms are struggling to keep ahead of scammers, ...

Rosatom organises Science Olympiad for universities of Rajshahi Division

A Science Olympiad titled &lsquo;Precise Energy&rsquo; organised by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom will begin from 22 February, for the universities of Rajshahi Division, reports ...

Cloud computing becomes invisible backbone of our digital life

With each passing quarter, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have been setting new records, while cloud computing has become the invisible backbone supporting much of our daily lives. Its potential to ...

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