Huawei to propel Bangladesh in 5G era in partnership with Teletalk


State-owned telecom operator Teletalk has partnered with leading global ICT solution provider Huawei to roll out 5G in Bangladesh.

Huawei Bangladesh will provide infrastructure and technical support to Teletalk for deploying 5G network and to be launched on 12 December, has said a press release on Friday.

Huawei is leading the 5G technology standard with superior chipset, algorithm, and products. A signing ceremony between Teletalk and Huawei was held at Teletalk office few months back.

Under this contract, Huawei is to provide the industry leading and globally acclaimed technology to Teletalk for ensuring a seamless 5G experience.

Through pervasive R&D since 2012, Huawei developed highly efficient hardware and software algorithms to optimize TCO (Total cost of operation) for diversified application and deployment scenarios.

The unique values of Huawei RAN products, namely AAU (Active Antenna Unit) will significantly improve the competitiveness of Teletalk in 5G era.

Huawei’s 64T64R MIMO enabled AAU offers several industry leading benefits that are highly suitable for a densely populated country like Bangladesh. Chief among those values are – Lowest form factor & weight, High power efficiency, and low wind load.

In between, joint testing with Teletalk in several sites in Dhaka city revealed the exciting result of >1.5 Gbps peak throughput and 7~10 millisecond latency for a single user. Going further, Bangladesh can utilise this speed in digitalising the industries and bringing more value to individuals.

Kevin Xu, chief technical officer of Huawei Bangladesh said, "4G has changed life, 5G will change the society. And we are happy to be a part of this key initiative towards that journey. We shall partner with Teletalk to build the necessary infrastructure for superior 5G network. Initially we have been chosen to provide more than 65 per cent of initial 5G sites. Huawei has been working in Bangladesh for Bangladesh to build a fully connected, intelligent nation for more than 21 years and we will responsibly continue this journey."