Samin Yasar, the market in-charge of Walton Global Business Division in Georgia, said, "This year, a famous Georgian electronics marketing company has partnered with us to distribute Walton TVs to its market.

“In June this year, the Georgian company received the first shipment of Walton TVs. The second shipment of Walton TVs will be sent to Georgia very soon,” he added.

"Also, Walton TVs are now available on Georgia's e-commerce platforms."

Syed Al Imran, vice-president of Walton Global Business Division for Europe said, "Walton started exporting TVs to the European market in 2019.”

“Since then, it has successfully expanded its TV export to around 16 countries in western and central Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Romania,” he added.

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