During the event, Erik Aas, Banglalink’s CEO, stated that Banglalink established an essential capex commitment for the upcoming two to three years, and this will support Banglalink’s in rolling out nationwide competitive 4G coverage. With its spectrum advantage, Banglalink will be able to provide its customer base with quality data products.

Banglalink’s revenue market share is also anticipated to converge towards its spectrum market share of 25 per cent, he added.

Banglalink’s performance in the digital service sector has been remarkable in recent years. Its most prominent digital service is the video streaming app called Toffee, which has remained as the top entertainment app in Bangladesh for 83 consecutive weeks.

Banglalink has also launched other digital services targeting key areas such as music, education, gaming, health, ad-tech and self-service. Besides, Banglalink has seen rapid growth of 4G-enabled customers. In the last quarter, Banglalink reported that some 33 per cent of its customers used 4G while the total customer-base grew by 63 per cent year on year, and approximately 40 per cent of them are multi-play customers.

While discussing Banglalink’s progress, Aas said, “Banglalink has already established its identity as a front runner in the countries digital market, and has a lot to offer in the future. We are currently focusing on expanding our strong 4G network across the country so that all of our customers from every region can benefit from it. With the highest amount of spectrum per customer, we will fulfill this objective soon and will reinforce our position further in the market.”

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