To get the home delivery of medicines, patients need to upload their prescription into the Digital Hospital App or call 08 000 111 000 for consultation with experienced physicians.

After consultations with Digital Hospital physicians, local pharmacies will check prescriptions and dispense medicines. The required medicines will then be delivered to the patient’s home within 90 minutes.

Furthermore, the customers can avail of various discounts, coupons, and gifts for buying medicine and health devices under this service, the release said.

Digital Hospital head of clinical operations Khaled Hasan, said, “by combining digital doctor consultation with model pharmacy partners in the community and express delivery of medicine, we can ensure accurate diagnosis and fast support for the patients. No one needs to leave their homes and risk Covid exposure for simple treatments.”

Digital Hospital is now partnering with model pharmacies including MediHub E-pharma and stores, Maheera Medicine Zone and Shopnodinga Medical Hall.

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