MetLife Foundation is donating Taka 20 million to SAJIDA Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to provide financial and health assistance to the poor people amid the pandemic.

With this funding, SAJIDA Foundation, through its Keraniganj Hospital, will be able to increase the capacity to provide free of charge Covid-19 medical treatment, including ICU support to a large number of financially vulnerable and low-income patients, says a press release.

SAJIDA Foundation’s Keraniganj Hospital contains 100 general beds along with 6 ICU and 22 semi-critical cabins dedicated for Covid-19 patients.


The high treatment cost of Covid-19 makes it very difficult for the low-income families to manage the medical expenses.

The funding will enable SAJIDA Foundation to provide wellbeing support to recovered patients and continue providing the free of charge medical treatment for a longer period.

Besides, a portion of the fund will be handed over to a number of vulnerable families whose sole earning members have passed away due to Covid-19.

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