Syed Tanvir Husain, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of Grameenphone, said, “The world is going through one of the grave energy crises in recent times. This unprecedented long period of high energy prices and the supply shortage is exerting tremendous pressure on all economies, resulting in consequences in our lives. During these trying times, we have proactively adopted contingency ways of work to curb electricity consumption in solidarity with the Bangladesh government’s prudent efforts to navigate the challenges. Our latest operating model, integration of AI and RPA through modernization, has enabled our employees to work from home, ensuring smooth operations for our customers. We also encourage everyone to adopt the habit of cycling, walking, or carpooling to stand by the nation on an individual level which will translate into long-term impact in reducing carbon footprint.”

The government has been taking several energy-conservation measures to mitigate the power crunch and urged people to cooperate and be economical in energy consumption as the government is forced to carry out load shedding and limit electricity generation with fuel prices continuously increasing globally, the release said.

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