Out of the group chat, to the much-awaited trip!

The continuous “pings” of messages, the endless debates, and the constant rescheduling - trying to plan a group trip through a chaotic group chat can often feel like an impossible feat. However, there comes a time to finally embark on an adventure to make memories of a lifetime.

“Travel group chats” begin with huge bouts of excitement and anticipation; ideas are tossed around, and dreams of exotic destinations ignite our wanderlust. But as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, the excitement begins to fade. Here, plans tend to get buried under the weight of conflicting schedules, varying budgets and endless debates about where to go and what to do.

Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerges as suddenly, the determination to make this trip a reality becomes stronger than ever. A decision is made: it's time to make the thousands of shared Pinterest images into a tangible adventure!

However, making it out of the group chats is not always simple. The very challenge lies in making peace and coming to an agreement amidst all the heated discussions and logistical hurdles. Hence, compromises must be made, as a collective decision is forged accommodating everyone's desires and limitations. And that is how the trip finally makes it out of the group chat! 

In that case, Travel Tech Platforms like ShareTrip can be of great help. In addition to a robust selection of group-friendly packages, travelers can also visit the office and get a package tailored to specific needs. Moreover, addressing the financial barriers, the leading Travel Tech Platform also introduced the first ever travel credit card along with EBL and Mastercard, called SkyTrip. From exclusive discounts to complimentary lounge access and airport meet and greet (local) - this card has it all. 

Now comes the question of, “where to go?”.

Such a long-anticipated trip requires the perfect destination. If the plan is to travel out of the country, India can be a great option. This neighboring country hosts an array of travel destinations to suit all preferences, within budget. Be it amidst the frosted mountains of Shimla, the heavenly beauty of Kashmir, the vitamin-sea of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the hustle-bustle of Delhi or the majestic history of Jaipur, this country comes as a perfect choice for travel loving friends. Another option is Thailand. Whether the forested side of Northern Thailand or the glimmering beaches of the Southern region, a trip with friends here can never disappoint! Other destinations with delectable food and unimaginable beauty, along with super-exciting activities, include Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal. If foreign trip is not feasible, exploring our beautiful Bangladesh can never go wrong! In case you need more information, ShareTrip has them all.  

Beginning from the planning stage to the final execution, turning group trips into a reality is no less than an adventure filled with laughter, mishaps and unexpected surprises. From navigating foreign streets together to trying local delicacies, every step testifies the triumph of making it out of the group chat. The memories you created, the inside jokes you shared and the challenges you conquered together become the foundation of a lifelong bond, deeper connections and a story to be retold for years to come.

So, take the leap, break free and make your dreams a reality!