Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Robi’s wholly owned ICT focused subsidiary, RedDot Digital Limited, to facilitate the industries of this country with cloud solutions.

An MoU signing event to this end has been recently held at Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited’s office located in Gulshan. Pan Junfeng, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, and Hasib Mustabsir, CEO of RedDot Digital signed the agreement on behalf of their organisations in presence of other officials from both companies.

Under this agreement, Huawei and RedDot Digital will work together in the development of the cloud ecosystem in Bangladesh and facilitate the private sector from across the industries to explore the business prospects.

In addition to working as a cloud partner of Huawei, RedDot Digital will implement a pilot project for itself with the help of Huawei Cloud solutions.

Pan Junfeng, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, said at the event, “Under the guidance of all stakeholders and eco-partners from various industries, Huawei has become the fastest growing cloud provider in the region just within four years of starting its operation in the Asia Pacific.

“Our cloud solutions have already achieved second position in China, third position in Thailand, and fourth in the developing markets in this region. We have versatile cloud solutions and intelligent cloud networks to serve enterprises, traditional and digital banks, medical institutions, educational institutions, and so on. As an ICT partner of Bangladesh for 23 years, I am very proud to ensure that Huawei will continue its effort to help Bangladesh reap the benefits of digitalisation.”

Hasib Mustabsir, CEO of RedDot Digital shared, “We are very excited to work with Huawei to support the digital transformation of the enterprise sector of the country. Cloud solutions are well known around the world for their ability to optimise cost and bring efficiency to business operation.

“In collaboration with Huawei, we are confident to emerge as the preferred cloud service provider for the country’s rapidly expanding enterprise sector. In this backdrop, I believe this MoU will facilitate the implementation of the Government’s Smart Bangladesh vision.”

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