To keep the mind in check, a break can go a long way; and what can be better than a vacation?

A change of environment can soothe anxiety and relieve the stress of daily lives by cutting monotony. Getting out of the tedious loop of activities go a long way in refreshing the minds – keeping us away from the worries of life. These are the days filled with cheat meals, beautiful landscapes, late nights, fresh air and more – preparing us up for the next few months of highs and lows. Moreover, travelling accounts for holistic development of the mind and soul through a variety of experiences that help us explore our best selves.

Travelling comes with the opportunity to make discoveries. New places, cuisines, and people help us familiarize ourselves with differences across cultures, enriching our souls with different perspectives. Moreover, it is the escape that enables us to tick off bucket lists. Needless to say, the finding to do what we love is a major mood-booster, and enjoying time to the fullest is a form of self-care. Eventually, all of these come into play in enhancing creativity and productivity, while also taking care of the mind.

Imagine sitting beside a mighty waterfall, listening to the sound of water thrashing downwards. No calls, no deadlines; just nature at its best. Pristine, isn’t it?

Apart from the trip itself, planning for the super-anticipated trip comes in with sheer excitement. The process of booking accommodation, searching for flights and browsing itineraries become an engaging form of entertainment. Hours of YouTube videos and web articles on the destination seem better than the most gripping TV series of all times.

That being said, the procedure can also get overwhelming. Fulfilling legal formalities or trying to land the best deals – technicalities often become very tedious, making us anxious and jittery. On top of that, due to the ongoing economic distress across the world, planning a trip abroad can become another source of anxiety and stress. This can be taken as the opportunity to visit beautiful spots in our country such as Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Rangamati, Sreemangal and many more. In such situations, a credible online travel agency comes in as a savior, by taking care of all the complex and tedious planning for you. Hence, planning a trip nowadays is as easy as ever – all you have to do is call your agent up, and next – pack your bags!

Travel comes with the opportunity to cut yourself some slack, and ShareTrip, who were recently funded by government-backed VC fund Startup Bangladesh, is committed to give travelers a moment of respite through their utmost caring what exactly Raya experienced. After enjoying six of the best days of her life, she is now back to work with full force and a smiling face – all prepared to combat the next few months of whatever comes her way. The happy hormones are doing their magic!

* Zakaria Rahman is an avid traveller

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