Inner Passages: Solo exhibition celebrating Tasmina Khan Majles's artistry


Tasmina Khan Majles, the talented multidisciplinary artist of Bangladeshi heritage, has carved a distinct niche in the vibrant art scene of Melbourne, Australia. Though primarily recognised for her evocative paintings, she also weaves magic through her captivating site-specific installations, stated a press Release.

Honing her creative prowess, Tasmina completed her Bachelor of Arts in graphic design in 2007 from Curtin University, following it up with a Master of Creative Arts and a Master of Communication from Deakin University in 2019.


Her artistic journey has been adorned with milestones, including her participation in the prestigious XIII Florence Biennale 2021 in Italy and the honor of having her artwork ‘Between Worlds’, featured in the Australian Muslim Artists 2021 exhibition at the Islamic Museum of Australia.

Tasmina Khan Majles recently mesmerised her audience with her very first solo art exhibition titled 'Inner Passeges’ in the capital’s Dhaka Gallery.' The three-day exhibition attracted a significant number of visitors and was graced by eminent visual artist Kanak Chapa Chakma along with professor and chairman of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka Mohammad Iqbal as the Guest of Honor.


Tasmina’s extraordinary collection of artworks served as a profound exploration of the enigmatic realms of the human mind, encapsulating a repository of emotions, experiences, memories, and dreams. Within each stroke and hue, one could find the intricate tapestry of conscious and unconscious narratives expertly woven into a language of art, illuminating the labyrinthine experiences of life during the lockdown and the post-lockdown pandemic era.

Employing a spontaneous approach to her craft, Tasmina allowed her unconscious mind to dictate the narrative, reflecting tactile and visual experiences onto the canvas. She deftly employed watercolor, ink, and charcoal on paper, effortlessly capturing the fluid beauty of the human mind and its innate creative force.


“Each piece encapsulates a deeply personal narrative, serving as a conduit to establish an intimate connection with the viewer, inviting them to embark on an immersive journey through the inner passages of my mind, where the observer becomes an integral part of my world,” stated Tasmina.

Tasmina Khan Majles' art is more than a mere creative expression; it is a poignant reflection of the human psyche, a testament to the intricate interplay of emotions and experiences that define the essence of the human experience.

As her exhibition opens its doors to the world, it promises to be a transformative journey into the realm of artistic ingenuity and emotional resonance. To know more about her work, you can visit

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