Late Bangladeshi pop star Ayub Bachchu’s son Ahnaf Tazwar Ayub has claimed that his sister and mother have faced death threats.

“I’ve been seeing people give death threats towards my mother and sister,” Ahnaf Ayub wrote in a Facebook post.

The legendary Bangladeshi pop singer, guitarist and songwriter Ayub Bachchu breathed his last at a hospital in the capital on 18 October 2018 following a cardiac arrest at his Dhanmondi residence.

Ahnaf Ayub is now studying at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

In his Facebook post, Ahnaf also wrote, “I know my dad isn’t my personal property. I know he’s not my sisters’ personal property. He is, was and forever will be a national treasure of Bangladesh. Everyone will remember him through his music.

“My family and I only asked that the remaining members of LRB perform under a different band if they have to, so that dad’s entire life’s work could remain as it was. The band came to an end the day he left this world, for me, but that doesn’t mean his music came to an end for me. He built the band with his bare hands and he has no replacement.”

He also lamented about an accusation of shutting down his father’s Facebook account.

He said, “And as for the final note, to those blaming my sister and me for shutting down Sollo’s facebook profile, I ask you this: would you shut down the only way you have of hearing your father’s voice messages every night before you sleep?"