Six members of the late legendary actor Razzak’s family, including his sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are down with coronavirus. They are in isolation at Razzak’s home, Lakkhikunja, in Gulshan in the capital.

As her two sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are remaining in isolation, Khairunessa Lakkhi, wife of the late ‘Nayakraj’ Razzak, has shifted to the cantonment house of her daughter Afrina Razzak Moyna.

Razzak’s elder son, actor Bapparaj, confirmed this to Prothom Alo on Tuesday afternoon.

Bapparaj said, he had diarhhoea and then fever on 17 November. The other members of the family had fever and coughs. After a couple of days, on 21 November, they tested for COVID-19 on advice of the physician. Bapparaj, his wife, brother Samrat, Samrat’s wife and the two children all tested positive.


“We tested positive but so far we haven’t faced too many complications. It started with diarrhoea, fever and coughs, but we are better now. We are following the physician’s advice. We are eating normally. We were worried about our mother and didn’t want to take any risk, so have sent her to our younger sister Moyna’s house. Al Hamdu Lillah, she is well so far.”


Bapparaj also said, “We have been very careful from the very beginning of coronavirus and don’t know how we have been infected. But, Al Hamdu Lillah, we are doing well, which is a relief. I will request everyone to be careful too. It is most important to maintain the rules of hygiene.”

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