Jaya Ahsan wins Filmfare award

Caption: Jaya Ahsan with the Filmfare award
Courtesy: Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan of Bangladesh won the Filmfare (Bangla) critics’ award for her performance in the Tollywood movies ‘Bijaya’ and ‘Robibar’. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday at a Kolkata hotel. The award event scheduled for last year was shifted to this year due to the Covid outbreak.

Jaya received the invitation from the organisers only a day in advance to join the event. She was stunned to learn that she had been nominated for the award for her performance in the two movies. She has been unsure about attending the event. She was only actually sure after undergoing the Covid tests and actually boarding the aircraft.

Speaking to Prothom Alo from Kolkata last night, Jaya said, “I am happy to receive the award. But my friends her and my film industry associates are even more thrilled than I am!”

Jaya Ahsan
Prothom Alo

On Tuesday Jaya has said that the organizers were insisting that she attend the event. She hurriedly tested for coronavirus and got her negative results. Then she somehow managed to catch the Wednesday morning flight for Kolkata.

Jaya turned up at the glittering event in evening in Kolkata. Popular in both Bengals, the actress won the critics award, leaving behind the other nominees Isha Saha, Raima Sen, Sohni Sarkar and Subhasree Ganguly.

The Bollywood Filmfare award was held this week, to be followed by the Tollywood event. This event is held to encourage Kolkata’s Bangla cinema. Previously Jaya had clinched this award in 2018 for her performance in ‘Bisarjan’. And before that she had been nominated for the Filmfare award for her performance in the film ‘Eagoler Chokh’, directed by Arindam Sheel. She was nominated in 2014 too for ‘Abarta’, a film by the same director.

Jaya Ahsan with actor and director Kaushik Ganguly, promoting the movie ‘Bijaya’

About awards, Jaya said that she acted to fulfill the passion as an artiste. She says awards do not excite her, and neither is she saddened if she doesn’t receive an award. She said, “The fact that I am considered in the competition for my word abroad itself is an honour. I am grateful to the people of my country who have created me, to all the viewers. I am also grateful to the movie goers and fans in India who have given me the opportunity to prove myself.”

Jaya and Prasenjit in a scene for ‘Robibar’

Atanu Ghosh, Jaya Ahsan’s director of ‘Robibar’, spoke to Prothom Alo after the vent. His film was selected as best movie in the critics’ category. Two of his film had awarded best movies in the past – ‘Roopkaha Noy’ and ‘Mayurakkhi’. Speaking from Kolkata, Atanu Ghosh said, “It feels good. This Filmfare award is a great inspiration for the different trend of cinema that we create. This is good news for us.”

About Jaya Ahsan, Atanu Ghosh said, “The best thing about Jaya is that she gets totally immersed in her acting. She is a very patient artiste. This is a very big quality for an artiste. She is absolutely committed for as long as the filming is on. She will contribute a lot to the cinema of the two Bengals. We wait eagerly to see her extraordinary performances.”

Kaushik Ganguly directed ‘Bijaya’. He had won best director award for the film ‘Jaistha Putra’ too. The 2019 award for best film went to Srijit Mukhopadhaya’s ‘Vinci Da’.