Loren Mendes
Loren Mendes

Loren Mendes had wanted to see in advance the short film in which she had acted, but filmmaker Muhatasim Tauki didn't agree because the editing hadn't been completed. He wanted everyone to see the movie only after completion. So Loren never got to see the film.

This young actress, for reasons unknown, committed suicide before she could watch the film. The short film, 'Golpota Emnei Bhalo' is being released today, Friday.


On the morning of 30 August this year, Loren Mendes was found hanging in her flat at Kalachanpur, Baridhara. Loren wrote a note on her mobile notepad before she died. She had written that her friends should come to see her if she died. But that was not possible due to coronavirus.

Loren Mendes began her career four years ago through photo-shoots and modelling. She appeared in music videos and acted in plays too. Imran Sowdagar was her co-star in 'Golpota Emnei Bhalo'.