I let Razz in because he is the father of my child: Pori Moni

Shariful Razz and Pori MoniProthom Alo

Pori Moni is working in a new web series titled ‘Rongila Kitab’. The shooting of the series started in Bandarban in the middle of the current month. The shooting of the series moved to Barishal from there and will be ending in a day or two in Dhaka. While speaking, apart from giving updates on her new projects Pori Moni also talked about Shariful Razz.

Pori Moni is playing a totally different character in Anam Biswas’s ‘Rongila Kitab’. Though she didn’t give much detail about her character in the series, she just said that the character has quite a lot of similarities to her own life. Pori Moni said, “The characteristics of my inner self are a lot similar to my character in ‘Rongila Bitab’. So the understanding of the character has been easier for me. I am finding it comfortable to play the role.”  

It has been almost two years since Pori Moni got divorced from Razz. From the time of their divorce, their son Punno is growing up with his mother Pori Moni. Razz and Pori Moni weren’t even coming face to face after the divorce. Till now, Razz hadn’t had the chance to meet his son either.

Shariful Razz and Pori Moni

While Razz has been quiet during this time, Pori has spoken out about her personal life quite many times. She has also criticised Razz in local and foreign media a few times raising allegations of neglecting his parental responsibilities towards their son. Pori even said in an interview about one and a half months ago, “Razz is dead to me.”

But suddenly the scenario between the two of them seems to be shifting, according to recent reports. A close source of the film circuit says that Razz has been visiting Pori Moni’s house for about a month. The two have also met at a few events in the meantime. Razz has visited Pori Moni’s house quite a few times already to see his son.

Pori Moni has confirmed the news of Razz visiting her house.

She said, “He (Razz) had come to the house for a different matter. I didn’t meet him after the divorce. I didn’t even want to meet. He wasn’t allowed to visit the house either. But, he suddenly came to my house a few days ago. When he moved out of the house earlier, some important documents of his were left at my place. He had come to the house with a few other people. I had already kept the documents carefully. He has taken them away. He stayed for some time. You cannot just drive someone away from the door.”

Actor Shariful Razz, actress Pori Moni with their son Punno
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When asked, if he met his son or not Pori said, “Obviously they met. Punno is his son too. I was cooking so, we had dinner together. That’s it.”

Has the ice between the two thawed? Pori Moni said, “What’s there to thaw? It could have thawed, but Razz didn’t maintain that. A lot of the people have divorce in this city. But don’t the divorced couples meet or talk to each other on issues relating to their children? Don’t those parents spend quality time with their children?”

“But the issue of Razz is different. He didn’t give his son any time. He didn’t take responsibility to provide for his son. I never even saw him buy our son a toy out of affection. He didn’t even keep contact properly. I think he doesn’t even realise the value of a child.”

I let him into the house. After all, he is the father of my child. But, that doesn’t mean he can come to the house whenever he wants
Pori Moni on Shariful Raaz

Pori Moni added, “I have been noticing it for the last couple of times. Whenever Razz would go to pick Punno up, he doesn’t recognise Razz as his father that much anymore. But earlier, Punno used to understand nothing but Razz. This is brutal for Razz.”

This actress commented, “Last of all, neither Razz’s success nor his failure matters to me. After all, he is in the past for me. I have nothing but hatred for him now.”

Pori Moni
Prothom Alo

Despite the hatred, Pori Moni has advised Razz to live a better life. For as a father, the impact of his actions fall on his child as well. She said, “After all, I hear a lot of things about Razz. As a father Razz should not do any such things that humiliate his son before everyone when he grows up. For, I cannot just deny Razz as the father of my child.”

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But despite such comments from Pori Moni, Razz and Pori have been spotted together recently at Meril Prothom Alo Awards ceremony. When asked about her reaction on this, pori Moni said, “I didn’t ask him to come to me. He came to me on his own. Some seniors including Misha Sawdagor were also there. I was embarrassed at his behavior. He said he came to me to see our son.”  

But some say that earlier Pori Moni didn’t attend programmes where both of them were invited and they knew about it. But the scenario has changed these days. They have been spotted in quite a few events recently. Because of these reasons some are saying that Pori is feeling softer towards Razz.

Commenting on this topic Pori Moni said, “I let him into the house. After all, he is the father of my child. But, that doesn’t mean he can come to the house whenever he wants. I might have hatred towards him. But no matter wherever he is, I wish for him to do better in career and stay well. For a better life of the child, the father has to be well too.”