He wrote there, he’s aware of the news about Purnima’s marriage. And he didn’t forget to convey his well wishes to actress Purnima on the beginning of a new chapter of her life.

On the issue of the marriage Fahad wrote, “I’ve also heard the news. Please stop sending SMS’s and calling me. This can happen to any human being. There’s no need to share the news with me. My best wishes to her (Purnima). Keep my daughter in your prayers.”

Purnima’s marriage to Ashfaqur Rahman is her second marriage. She got married to Ahmed Jamal Fahad on 4 November 2007. She gave birth to her daughter in 2014. It was learnt, Purnima got divorced about three years ago.

As per Purnima’s statement to the media, she met Ashfaqur Rahman for the first time at an event or at the shooting of a drama in 2018.

She said, “He used to work at a different multinational company back then. There used to be a lot of events at that company. Robin used to manage the brands under his supervision at those events.”

“His job was to work with stars of different arenas including musicians and cricketers. Together we worked on a series of projects. We started chatting from there and a good friendship was created between us,” she added.

Purnima further said, “Ashfaqur is genuinely good. In fact, he is a great human being. To whom, everything can be shared and who can be trusted in all matter. We maintained our professionalism on the work front. And we gave our friendship its own space.”