Film actress Piori Moni is again in the limelight at the beginning of the year. This time she hinted at something grave. She shared two pictures of bloodstains on a bed and pillows.

She wrote, “Happy New Year. Press conference loading…”. The photographs went viral on social media since Sunday morning.

Everyone started speculating about what happened to Pori Moni? Why does thes star want to hold a press conference?

The previous day Pori Moni had hinted at ending her marriage with film actor Raaz, posting a status on her Facebook.

On Friday midnight she wrote on Facebook, “Today I gave Razz a break from my life and also freed myself from a sick relationship. There is nothing more important in life than living a healthy life.”

When contacted her from Prothom Alo following the post she said, “Not divorced yet, but I broke the tie and came out of Razz's house. We parted ways today. Soon I will send the divorce letter.”

Pori Moni shared these photographs.

“There have been issues for quite some time. Tried staying together thinking of the child, but failed. His behavior isn’t worth staying together. So I parted ways, leaving his house, being compelled.”

Pori Moni however shared some calming updates on Saturday night. She said she’s with Razz again, leaving all the issues behind.

But, within just a few hours of the original post, she posted a new status on Facebook. Pori Moni shared two pictures with the post as well. There was the presence of blood in those photos.

The photos posted by Pori Moni at 6 am seem to be suggesting newer complexities.

What’s happened to Pori? Her fan-followers are asking. Did she get into a fight with her husband Razz again? Is that why there was a struggle? Or there’s something else?

Although, Pori Moni talked about holding a press conference, she didn’t clarify when it will be held.

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