Apu 'hates' Bubly but loves Bir

Apu Biswas, Bubly, Shakib Khan and Shehzad Khan Bir

Film actresses Apu Biswas and Shobnom Bubly have a longstanding feud between them centering Shakib Khan and they have made various remarks about each other on different occasions.

But the way Apu has talked about Bubly this time is totally different. In a television event, she has openly said that she ‘hates’ Bubly but she has a lot of love for her (Bubly) son Shehzad Khan Bir.

Apu and her son Abraham Khan Joy have come to the limelight several times on issues related to Shakib Khan, even after they had been divorced. The other ex-wife of the actor, Bubly also often creates news centering their son Shehzad khan Bir.

Apu Biswas and Bubly

But the fact that there’s a sworn enmity between Apu and Bubly, can easily be comprehended by their followers. They too join the fight on Facebook based on the attacking comments the two actresses hurl at each other.

Shakib Khan and Apu were married for nine years and gave birth to their son Joy. Apu has always pointed fingers at Bubly on the issue of her being estranged and separated from Shakib Khan. She seemed to point out that again in a television programme of Nagorik TV, named ‘Bola Na Bola’.

When asked about Bubly, she said, “Actually I despise her. I’m saying this in a word. My personality stops me from taking her name. I know this word will go viral. But it doesn’t matter to me. What’s her perception of me, I don’t have time for that either. In a word, I despise her. It sounds even smarter, if I just say the word ‘hate’ in English.”  

Au Biswas and Bubly

Though she hates Bubly, she has nothing but love for her (Bubly) Bir, said Apu. “Just as Joy is my son, Bir too is like my son. I adore him a lot. He’s really cute Masha Allah. I send a lot of prayers for him,” she added.

Commenting on Shakib Khan as a father Apu said, “Shakib’s sons Joy and Bir are his world now. No one else can come between them anymore. His sons have brought a lot of change in him. He’s more silent and responsible now. I always respect this transformation of his ideology.

Apu Biswas and Bubly both came to the limelight and gained popularity by signing a series of films with Shakib Khan. At one point, they both got involved in Shakib Khan’s personal life also.

Right before Shakib and Apu were divorced, there were news of Shakib and Bubly being in a relationship. Hinting at Bubly, Apu had also expressed her anger about this at the time. After three years of that divorce, news came out of Bir being born to Shakib and Bubly.

Apu Biswas got married to Shakib khan in 2008 but they kept it secret till Apu came live in a television programme with her six-month-old son Joy. They got divorced in February 2018.

Later, Shakib Khan formed a romantic relationship with Bubly and they both disclosed the news of sharing a son named Bir through Facebook posts in October last year. In another Facebook post, Bubly clarified that they had gotten married on 20 July 2018 and their son Bir was born on 21 March 2020.    

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