The news of Shakib Khan and Shobnom Bubly becoming parents came out all of a sudden on 30 September this year. The celebrity couple has a two-and-a-half-year-old son.

It was learned that Bubly gave birth at New York’s Long Island Jewish Medical Hospital in USA on 21 March of 2020. The child was named Shehzad Khan Bir.

Two days later, Bubly mentioned two memorable dates of her life in a Facebook post. Bubly said, “Two memorable dates of my life till now. 20 July 2018, this is our wedding date. And, 21 March 2020 is my son’s birth date.”

Speculations have run rife since then about Shakib Khan and Bubly.

Exactly two days after the announcement, the couple shot a song sequence from the film ‘Leader, Amie Bangladesh’ together at a five-star hotel in the city.

However, they were not seen talking to each other then. They even had two separate rooms at the hotel.

Then rumours spread about Shakib and Bubbly’s relationship ending prior to the announcement.

While talking to media, Shakib hinted at there being no relationship between them. Bubly however told the media, they have a relationship. Such comments from them confused fans and followers of Shakib Khan.

Fans of Shakib Khan became even more confused at the news of Bubly getting a diamond nose pin as birthday present from Shakib Khan, after two months of the announcement of their son.

Meanwhile Apu Biswas, mother of Shakib Khan’s elder son Abram Khan Joy, took a dig at the issue on Facebook. Within 24 hours of that, Bubly also taunted Apu Biswas.

These issues were viral on social media and different film-related groups. Since Shakib Khan is in the focal point of the whole issue, Prothom Alo tried to contact him directly on Wednesday evening.

Shakib Khan said, “Obviously, she can get a diamond nose pin as gift. She can get even ten diamond nose pins, let alone one. She does have relatives and friends. However, I want to say just one thing that I didn’t present her with any kind of diamond nose pin.”

“To be honest, I have no sort of contact with her. Sending gift or wishes neither was done on my part. Even if we write to each other for our child’s sake, that’s centred solely around Shehzad. There’s no question of anything beyond that,” he added.