Shakib Khan, Raihan Rafi team up on ‘Toofan’

Shakib Khan poses for a photo with film director Raihan Rafi at an event where the film was announced on 11 December in 2023Khaled Sarker

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan and noted director Raihan Rafi have teamed up on film ‘Toofan’.

Dhaka-based production house Alpha-I Studios, OTT platform Chorki and renowned Indian production company SVF will jointly produce the film.

The film was announced at a press conference at a hotel in Dhaka on Monday.

Addressing the event, Raihan Rafi said, “I am very excited because three big companies - Alpha-I, Chorki and SVF, have teamed up to make two films. Besides, this my first film with Bangladesh superstar Shakib Khan.”

“When three big production houses and a superstar join hand, then we surely can expect something from the project. We just have started. We want everyone’s blessings. But, I can say one thing here - ‘Toofan’ is going to be a milestone in Bangla film,” he added.

Shakib Khan is also overjoyed about ‘Toofan’. He said, “I have been saying all the time that there is infinite potential in Bangladeshi films. Not only in the country, there is a big market abroad as well. There are 300 million Bengali-speaking people across the world, and they must be offered quality films. People of the film sector must be given a proper working environment only. Movie lovers will do the rest.”

Referring to his last film ‘Priyotoma,’ he said, “This film has begun a new era in Bangla films. We have seen reports in newspapers, television and social media on the long queue of audiences and the advance ticket sales of the film in many countries including France, Italy, Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia.”

Shakib Khan speaks at the event.
Prothom Alo

Speaking about the plot of the new film, Shakib Khan said, “I will say in a sentence that such story was never seen in Bangla film before. I feel proud that something different will happen and that will cheer everyone.”

Alpha-i Studios managing director Shahriar Shakil said, "Alpha-i Studios has always played a pioneering role in Bangladesh's entertainment world. As a forward-thinking production house, we understood beforehand that the Bengali audience wanted quality content. We have always tried to provide that. This time, Alpha-i, SVF and Chorki have come together to upgrade the Bangla cinema market and reach a global audience."

Curtain of the film ‘Toofan’ is unveiled during a press conference at a hotel in Dhaka on 11 December 2023.
Prothom Alo

“We have brought two best leading talents of Bangladesh under an umbrella. The only superstar of Bangladesh, Shakib Khan and contemporary popular director Raihan Rafi have teamed up to give another blockbuster,” he added.

One of India's leading production houses, SVF Films has been changing the history of Bengali cinema for the past 28 years. They have enriched the world of Bengali cinema with films like 'Raincoat', 'Chokher Bali', 'Autograph' and 'Baishe Srabon'.

Director and co-founder of SVF, Mahendra Soni, said, "We are on the verge of another new chapter of Bangla film because SVF, Alpha-i, Chorki are going to bring such a production with megastar Shakib Khan that will redefine the scale of storytelling again. This collaboration is ready to take Bangla film to an unprecedented height on the global stage, and that will remain a historical moment for all of us.”

(L-R) Mahendra Soni, Redoan Rony, Shakib Khan, Raihan Rafi and Shahriar Shakil at the press conference.
Khaled Sarker

Chorki chief executive officer Redoan Rony said, “This is a good time for the Bangla film industry. Alpha-i, Chorki and SVF took this initiative to bring Bengali speaking audiences to cinemas and give them international standard contents.”

Earlier on 9 December, these three companies disclosed their first joint production film 'Domm' (Till the Last Breath) at a press conference in Dhaka. Directed by Redoan Rony, Chanchal Chowdhury will star in the lead role.