Surongo: An artistic triumph

Celebrated actor Afran Nisho made his debut in cinema with 'Surongo'Movie poster

'Surongo', directed by Raihan Rafi, is an eagerly anticipated Bengali film that marks Afran Nisho's debut on the big screen. The Chorki team did an extraordinary job with the film. Raihan Rafi, a prominent name in the Bangladeshi film industry, has once again captivated audiences with his latest offering. With a keen eye for storytelling and a penchant for exploring complex themes, Rafi's new Bangla film has not only entertained but also mesmerised viewers.

'Surongo' tells the tale of Masud, an ordinary electrician residing in a Bangladeshi suburb, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a charming woman. The film skillfully blends elements of suspense, drama, comedy, and crisis, leaving the viewers hooked from start to finish.

Rafi's new Bangla film takes us on an emotional journey, sensitively exploring the depths of human nature. The film revolves around a group of individuals whose lives intertwine through chance encounters and unexpected circumstances. The film's commitment to the ‘Masud tumi ar bhalo hole na’ was held in high regard.  The narrative unfolds with a perfect balance of suspense, drama, and introspection, keeping the viewers gripped from start to finish. Rafi's masterful storytelling techniques, including non-linear storytelling and subtle plot twists, add layers of complexity to an already engaging narrative.

The visual aesthetics in the film are impeccable. The cinematography seamlessly captures the essence of the story, juxtaposing striking visuals with intimate close-ups

The story unfolds when Masud finds himself entangled in a web of love and deceit. Masud and Maina's union seemed to hold promises of everlasting bliss, but little did Masud know that Maina concealed a darker nature within. Beneath her charming facade, Maina harboured insatiable greed, an insidious hunger for wealth that consumed her thoughts. Masud, driven by his unconditional love, toiled tirelessly to amass the riches that his wife desired. Yet, even his ceaseless efforts failed to quench Maina's voracious appetite for more.

Desperate to please his wife, Masud embarked on a journey to foreign lands, seeking opportunities to earn the fortune that would satisfy Maina's desires. Despite his arduous endeavors abroad, fate dealt him a cruel blow upon his return. Maina, in a shocking act of betrayal, eloped with Masud's best friend. Masud still driven only by love again left home in search of his wife. With a mind teetering on the edge of desperation, Masud embarked on a harrowing journey, navigating the shadows of secrecy and deceit.  Upon finding his wife he comes to the eye opening realisation that money buys everything even 'true love'. In his attempts at making that money he finds himself in the end of a tunnel with 34 crore taka for his taking.

The visual aesthetics in the film are impeccable. The cinematography seamlessly captures the essence of the story, juxtaposing striking visuals with intimate close-ups. The use of colour palettes and lighting techniques contributes to the overall mood and atmosphere of the film, enhancing its emotional impact. Whether it's the breathtaking landscapes or the gritty cityscapes, every frame is artistically composed and tells its own story. The film's sound design and music play an integral role in creating an immersive cinematic experience. The carefully chosen soundtrack enhances the emotions portrayed on screen, evoking a range of feelings, from joy to melancholy.

Some might argue if the so called ‘item song’ had any relevance in the story, but there are other reasons at play for this.  The synchronization of sound and visuals adds depth to the storytelling, enriching the audience's engagement with the film.   

The film delves into significant social issues and explores universal themes with finesse. By weaving intricate narratives around topics such as identity, love, and personal growth, the film prompts introspection and invites discussions on the human condition. The gritty portrayal of a common man’s life made the viewer’s stomach churn. Rafi's keen observation of society, coupled with his ability to present these themes subtly, elevates the film to a thought-provoking and socially relevant piece of work.

This film stands as a testament to his exceptional directorial skills and storytelling prowess. Through a captivating narrative, outstanding performances, and breathtaking visuals, he delivers a cinematic experience that stays with the viewer long after leaving the theater.

The film's exploration of complex themes and its ability to provoke introspection make it a remarkable addition to the Bangladeshi film industry. And Chorki knows its audience and they to deliver with their sensational productions. Raihan Rafi continues to prove his mettle as a renowned filmmaker, and his latest creation is a must-watch for both fans and newcomers to the world of Bangla cinema.