Indra Mohan Rajbongshi’s wife is also sick, said Shipra Ghosh, sister-in-law of the artiste.

Indra Mohan Rajbongshi has explored various arenas of Bangladeshi folk music including Bhaoaiya, Bhatiyali, Jaari, Saari and Murshidi. He has served as the dean of the folk music department of the Govt Sangeet College for a long time.

The famous playback singer has given voice for numerous songs on films, radio and television. He is also the founder of Loksangeet Parishad. Rajbangshi made his first playback in a film named “Chena-Ochena” in 1967.

Rajbongshi decided to join liberation war when it started in 1971. But he was caught by the Pakistan army.

As the Pakistan army unleashed wrath on the minor Hindu people, he took a fake name and worked as an interpreter of the Pakistanis to survive.

Later, he fled from there and joined the “Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra” to inspire the freedom fighters in war.

Apart from singing, the artiste used to collect folk music from various regions. There are about a few thousand songs in his collections, written by over 1,000 poets from different regions in the country.

Rajbongshi was awarded with Ekushey Padak in 2018 for his outstanding contribution to music.

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