Blackpink’s Jennie Kim opens up about pressures of being K-Pop star

K-Pop star Jennie Kim

It's not easy to deal with stardom. Jennie Kim of immensely popular girl group Blackpink believes the same.

Speaking to Dua Lipa on her BBC Sounds “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” podcast, Kim opened up about the pressures of being a K-Pop idol, a media outlet reported.

“Starting my career in Korea as a K-pop artist has restricted so many sides of me, where it wasn’t just allowed to be shown because I’m a K-pop idol. And I was scared, I think, also to express myself,” she said

“And as things grew, over time, I was able to express myself and people would see it as breaking the boundaries rather than ‘she’s doing something that she’s not allowed to do’ and being able to open a new chapter for people that is starting in the business in Korea.”

She added, "That’s when I realised I want to break more boundaries for people in my culture to understand that expressing yourself as however you want – here shouldn’t be a standard. There shouldn’t be a reason to judge and just see it as, ‘oh, that’s how that person expresses themselves."

Earlier this year, Blackpink lit up Coachella with a set that included ‘Tally’. It was an emotional experience for Kim. “I was under so much pressure, I think it was my first time crying. Just as soon as I was off stage, I just burst into tears. It was so emotional. I was so proud with the hard work that we put in and the overwhelming feeling that we got from the crowd. It was just a lot,” Kim said.