Composer Alam Khan passes away

Composer and music director Alam KhanProthom Alo

The hugely talented music director and composer of innumerable timeless songs, Alam Khan, is no more. The veteran artiste died in a private hospital at Shaymoli in the capital at 11.32am on Friday.

His son Arman Khan confirmed the news of his death to Prothom Alo. Arman Khan said, his janaza will be held at FDC following Asr prayers on Friday and he will be buried at Sreemangal on Saturday.

Alam Khan and Andrew Kishore

Alam Khan has left behind two sons and a daughter. He was the elder brother of singer Azam Khan, popularly known as 'pop samrat' (king of pop music).

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. He had gone through treatment at various hospitals at home and abroad for long.

Alam Khan married lyricist Habibunnesa Gulbanu in 1976. She wrote the lyrics of the song ‘Tumi To Ekhon Amari Kotha Bhabcho’, sung by Sabina Yasmin and composed by Alam Khan. Gulbanu died a few years ago. Both sons of the couple Arman Khan and Adnan Khan are music directors. Their only daughter is named Anika Khan.

Alam Khan, composer of innumerable popular songs like, ‘O Re Neel Doriya’, ‘Haire Manush, Rangin Phanush’, ‘Ami Ekdin Tomay Na Dekhile’ and ‘Chader Shathe Deb Na’, was born in Baniyagati village of Sirajganj in 1944. His father Aftab Uddin Khan was an administrative officer at the secretariat home department and his mother Jobeda Khanam was a housewife.

In 1963, Alam Khan was Robin Ghosh’s assistant music director in the film ‘Talash’. He started his career as a solo music director in 1970, through the film ‘Kanch Kata Heere’, directed by filmmaker Abdul Jabbar Khan. The first popular song composed by him was ‘Toblar Tere Kete Tak’ from ‘Slogan’ movie.

Sabina Yasmin, Alam Khan and Runa Laila
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Later in 1977, while director Abdullah Al Mamun was discussing about the songs of his film ‘Sareng Bou’, Alam Khan presented before him the start of one of this compositions from 1969. The director liked it and used it in his movie. The song ‘O Re Neel Doriya’, sung by Abdul Jabbar, from that film released in 1978 was an exceptional creation of his.

In 1982, his ‘Ami Rojonigondha Phuler Moto’ sung by Sabina Yasmin from ‘Rojoneegondha’ film and ‘Haire Manush, Rangin Phanush’, written by Syed Shamsul Haque and sung by Andrew Kishore from ‘Boro Bhalo Lok Chilo’ film grabbed the audience’s attention. Alam Khan received the national film award for the film ‘Boro Bhalo Lok Chilo’.

Bollywood singer Kumar Shanu started his playback career in 1985 with the song ‘Tin Konya Ek Chobi’ from the film ‘Tin Konnya’. The music was composed by Alam Khan.

Alam Khan was extremely successful in television dramas as well. He gave music direction to quite a few dramas including Abdullah Al Mamun’s play ‘Payer Awaz Pawa Jai’ and ‘Idiot’. He won his last national film award for the film ‘Ebadat’, directed by ATM Shamsuzzaman. He won the award seven times in total.

Some of his noted creations are, ‘Chumki Choleche Eka Pothe’, ‘Heeramoti Heeramoti O Heeramoti’. ‘Ami Rojonigondha Phuler Moto Gondho Biliye Jai’, ‘Buke Ache Mon’, ‘Shobai To Bhalobasha Chai’, ‘Bholobeshe Gelam Shudhu’, ‘Ajke Nahoi Bhalobasho Ar Konodin Noy’, ‘Tel Gele Phuraiya’, ‘Ami Tomar Bodhu Tumi Amar Swami’, ‘Mone Boro Asha Chilo’, ‘Duniyata Mosto Boro’, ‘O Sathire Jeo Na Kokhono Duure’, ‘Kal To Chilam Bhalo’, ‘O Re O Jaan Amari Jaan’, ‘Bhalobashiya Gelam Phashiya’ etc.