BTS immensely popular even in Bangladesh

BTS band members

Completing ten years as a band, BTS stepped into 11th years this Tuesday. In the course of a decade, they have turned themselves into the top K-pop band in the world, creating songs like ‘Spring Day’, ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Butter’.

Like other countries of the world, there is a lot of craze and interest centering BTS in Bangladesh along with a large number of fans. Many even travel to Bangkok to enjoy BTS concerts.

What’s the reason for this popularity and what’s there in their songs, some Bangladeshi BTS fans shed light on this topic. 

 “I found myself in the songs of BTS. BTS songs taught me that life is a combination of both good and bad. That we must move forward shaking off our traumatising memories and love ourselves,” said Fariha Tabassum, a girl from Dhaka.

Fariha heard the name of BTS for the first time in 2017. She was a student of Class 8 at Dhaka’s Viqarunnisa Noon School back then.

Members of K-Pop boyband 'BTS'.

BTS that year had thwarted Justin Bieber, who had been the Top Social Artist in Billboard Music Award for six consecutive times. They then kept the award in their possession for five years at a stretch.

BTS song ‘Spring Day’, released the same year rocked the whole world. Leader of the Korean boy band, RM had preached the mantra of self-love in his speech during the general assembly of United Nations in September next year.

Earlier, their album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ had been released in August. RM’s speech intermingled with the song lyrics and had moved the young minds at that time.

A girl from Magura, Lamiya Sylvee Hasan, was saying, “BTS sends positive messages to teenagers in their songs. They say love yourself and then love the world. This message never appears anywhere. They represent this beautifully through their songs.”

BTS fans who call themselves BTS ARMY have said that alongside the positive messages, their flawless dance moves in their video songs, their daily lifestyle and their involvement in various charities have inspired them.

BTS band members

A Facebook group called ‘BTS ARMY of Bangladesh’ had been opened in 2015. Those who regularly listen to BTS songs in Bangladesh, visits this group. There’s also a page of the same name.

Admin of that group Sanjida Nasrin said, “BTS has risen from a fairly humble background. Even their company was so small. They have come this far on their own effort. It’s greatly inspiring for those who struggle. The band members present themselves very casually.”

BTS had a positive impact on her lifestyle as well, said Sanjida. In her words, “I love myself and always give priority to myself.”

Sanjida Nasrin is now working in a private company. On the occasion of BTS turning ten years, ‘BTS ARMY of Bangladesh’ has been distributing schoolbags among students.

Outside of music, band member RM reads books and watches V dramas regularly. They post stories on Instagram about their favorite books and dramas while this encourages their followers to read.

Jung Kook likes eating rameyon, so some of the BTS ARMY eats ramyeon to shadow him.

BTS members

BTS ARMY Fatema Tuz Zohra said that she had chopsticks, ramyeon and BTS masks brought from South Korea. Fatema, who works in a private firm has been listening to BTS music for six years.

Most of BTS songs are of Korean language and there weren’t any subtitles in any of their songs towards the beginning, said Fariha Tabassum.

Many fans used to post videos with translations of the song lyrics and she used to decipher the meanings from there. In between of that, she also has gathered some knowledge of the Korean language. BTS started providing subtitles to all their songs from 2020.

BTS song ‘Dynamite’, sung in English spread all over the world that same year. The song ruled Billboard Top Chart for ten successive weeks.

In the meantime, people of Bangladesh just like people of other countries started spending more time on social media during corona period. BTS song ‘Butter’ went viral on TikTok at that time, spreading songs of this band among mass people also.

After Jung Kook performed their song ‘Dreamers’ in Qatar World Cup, BTS’s name has gone beyond the cities of Bangladesh and has reached even the villages.