Often regarded as one of the most respected and iconic Bangladeshi music artists, Naquib Khan founded Renaissance in 1985. Prior to that, he was a key member of another iconic Bangladeshi band Souls.

Naquib Khan is known for many of his majestic compositions for Renaissance including Valo Lage Jochhona Raatey, Hridoy Kadamatir Kono Murti Noy, Accha Keno Manushgulo Emon Hoye Jay, Aj Je Shishu and more.

He also composed many other successful projects outside his band including Tore Putul er Moto Kore Shajiye (Kumar Bishwajit), Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyechhe (Souls), Ekhon Onek Raat (Ayub Bachchu) and more.

Apart from being a successful musician, Naquib Khan is currently serving as the corporate affairs director for Nestle Bangladesh Limited.

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