Renowned singer-songwriter Shayan Chowdhury Arnob tied the knot with Indian singer Sunidhi Nayak on Wednesday.

The wedding ceremony took place at Sunidhi’s residence in Asansol of West Bengal in India, said Arnab’s cousin and actor Rafiath Rashid Mithila.

"There was no large-scale programme due to the coronavirus situation. Arnab will think about the celebration once he reaches Bangladesh next month,” said Mithila.


Arnab and Sunidhi have gone to Shantiniketan after the marriage, she added.

A post-marriage ceremony will be held at any convenient time in the next month, said Mithila.

Arnab’s mother-in-law passed in last July and the ceremony could not be organised within a year due to religious obligation, Mithila added.

Sources said Arnab and Sunidhi have been friends for the last two years.

Sunidhi graduated in Rabindra Sangeet from Shantiniketan and is preparing to get enrolled in PhD programme.

Arnab also studied in Shantiniketan.

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