Tahsan auctions original tape and lyrics for COVID-19 relief


Celebrated singer cum actor Tahsan Khan sold the original master Digital Audio Tape (DAT) of his first solo album ‘Kothopokothon’ and self-written lyrics of the song ‘Irsha’.

The master tape and the lyrics sold at 750,000 taka in an auction online on the Facebook page of Auction 4 Auction. The basic price of the two works was estimated at 300,000 taka.

The money will be donated to Sir Fazle Hasan Abed Foundation in the fight against COVID-19. BRAC will spend the fund to distribute food among 3,000 people for one month.

“When we said we will sell it for at least taka 300,000, many said people would not pay this much for a piece of paper with lyrics and a small cassette. Many said I should rather auction guitar or keyboard.”


“But I thought I might have hundreds of thousands of fans. Though I was doing this for everyone, it would be enough if only one of them would win it. I had confidence in those who have seen my work and who would value the merit of these two works,” said the singer.

“I’m very happy that my sacrifice will be used for good cause.”

The bid was won by Amin Hasan who wanted to present the two pieces to his wife and daughter who were devoted fans of the singer. “I could only say thanks to the winner at the moment” Tahsan said. “I’m waiting to thank him face to face,” he added.