Prominent lyricist Zulfiqer Russell wrote, “He is indeed the prince of modern Bangla songs. His fan-base includes not only the young generation but people of all ages.”

Prince started his musical journey in the 1980’s as an emerging band artiste. His mixed album ‘Shakti’ (1995) propelled his journey as a composer of mixed albums, which immediately garnered him massive success along with positive critical acclamations.

During the commercially successful era of the music industry during the pre and post-2000, Prince has penned and composed many songs that helped the industry feature artistes from different genres under the same roof.

His most popular tracks include ‘Aaj jonmodin tomar’ (Shafin Ahmed); ‘Jodi himaloy hoye’, ‘Hoyni jabar bela’ (Khalid); ‘Bangladesh’, ‘Maa’, ‘Guru’, 'Baba' (James); Eto koshto keno bhalobashay (Hasan); ‘Mati hobo mati’, ‘Boka’ (Rumi) and more.