Few films were commercially successful in 2016

Shoumik Hasan | Update:

Aynabaji was a much talked about film throughout the year. Prothom AloThe year 2016 was rather a disappointing one for Bangladeshi film industry. A total of 59 films were released in the year, 55 of which could only do marginal business. As a result a a sense of dissatifaction prevails in the Bangladeshi film industry.

The producers, directors and actors of mainstream commercial films were unhappy with the overall business throughout the year. Films were made in three categories, big budget, moderate, and low budget. Shikari, Badshah the Don, Hero 420, Rokto, Bossgiri, Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini 2, Shankhachil, Onek Dame Kena, and Aynabaji were big budget movies, taking more than Tk 15 to 20 million each in the making. Films of the moderate budget category were Raja 420, Niyoti, Shooter, Dhumketu, etc. which took Tk 10 to 15 million each to make it to the screens. The low-budget films were Matir Pori, Ice Cream, Krishnopokhho, Mon Jane Na Moner Thikana, etc.

Only four of these 59 films-Shikari, Badshah the Don, Shooter and Aynabaji could do well in the box office. The other 55 films were flops.

However, commercial film makers were surprised to see the unusual success of noncommercial film Aynabaji. Director Amitabh Reza made this film without casting any of the big names of the industry, yet it turned out to be a winner in the box office this year.

Flops have become very common in Bangladesh film industry. Weak scripts and poor performances, dilapidated cinema theaters, piracy, and e-cinema are the prime reasons for this predicament of the film industry. The Bangladesh film industry is in dire need of change for the sake of survival.

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