Mamo, Shihab admit their marriage after four yrs


Rumours were rife about the relationship between actress Zakia Bari Mamo and director Shihab Shaheen for the last few years. They had rejected all rumours, saying they were just 'good friends'.

Now, however, the couple has admitted their marriage on Wednesday, confirming that they married four years ago.

Shihab Shaheen greeted Mamo on Facebook on Wednesday noon saying, "Happy 4th Marriage Anniversary Zakia Bari Mamo..."

Shihab Shaheen fell in love with Mamo during the shooting of the drama 'Ami Tumi Rashi Chakro', Shihab told Prothom Alo Wednesday. Mamo starred in Shihab’s 2015 film 'Chhuye Dile Mon'.

"My mother really loved Mamo, but she died all on a sudden," Shihad said. "We married four months after she passed away."

"Mamo is smart, intelligent and educated. Her integrity attracted me most,” he said while Mamo was drawn to Shihab by his simplicity.

"I could not stop falling for someone with a mind like his. He is almost like a child in his innocence. I was charmed by his talent and integrity," the actress said.

About not opening up on the marriage for four years, Mamo said, "Many were saying that we got married even before we did it. So we didn't want to talk about it later."

Shihab Shaheen was divorced seven years ago. His daughter studies in Australia. Mamo was busy with her works and her child after a divorce six years ago. Their relationship ensued after the divorce and gradually their families came to know.

They tied the knot on 20 November 2015.