OTT in 2024: Films, series awaiting release

Films and series like ‘Mohanagar 2’, ‘Myself Allen Swapan’ and ‘Something like an Autobiography’ that released on OTT in 2023, were the talk of the town. Let’s check out what platforms like ‘Chorki’ and ‘Hoichoi’ will present the audience in 2024

One or two of the OTT platforms have already chalked out their plans and also announced the names of possible movies and series that are in the pipeline for release this year. Video streaming platform Chorki has made an initial plan of releasing quite a few series this year.

Poster of the series 'Cinepat'.
Courtesy of Chrki

There’s ‘Shaaticup’ director Mohammad Touqir Islam’s new series titled ‘Cinepat’ among them. Meanwhile, a Chorki original series has been created with local artistes and technicians of Rajshahi.

Another Chorki original series ‘Lohu’ will also be released this year. Arifin Shuvoo has paired up with Sohini Sarkar in this series directed by Kolkata-based director Rahul Mukherjee.

Chorki is supposed to come up with several films also. Raihan Rafi’s film ‘Toofan’ will be released on Chorki. Dhallywood actor Shakib Khan is playing the lead in this upcoming film produced by AlphaI, Chorki and SVF.

Pritom Hasan and Tasnia Farin in a scene from the film ‘Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya’.
Courtesy of Chorki

Plus, another film titled ‘Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya’ under Chorki’s ‘Ministry of Love’ project will also be released. Tasnia Farin and Pritom Hasan have been cast against each other in this film under Shihab Shahin’s direction.

Filmmaker Rabiul Alam will be making another film, ‘Forget Me Not’ of the ‘Ministry of Love’ project. That too will release this year. About four contents including ‘Mohanagar2’ had released on Hoichoi last year.

The streaming platform said they will be releasing four to five contents this year as well. However the platform hasn’t yet confirmed what films and series will be released. Hoichoi will be making an official announcement in February this year.

Bongo is releasing several contents including Bongo original film 'Oshomoy'.
Courtesy of Bongo

Alike Hoichoi, another OTT platform ‘iScreen’ also said that they haven’t yet finalised their plans for 2024. They will soon be announcing that. More than five local and foreign films as well as series are coming on video streaming platform ‘Bongo’.

There’s Bongo original film ‘Oshomoy’ directed by Kajal Arefin Ome among them. Actors like Tasnia Farin, Runa Khan and Tariq Anam Khan have played different roles in this film.

Meanwhile, the second season of the ‘BnG’ series will release in January. Besides, south Indian films ‘Supreme’, ‘Tej, I Love You’, ‘24 Kisses’ and Chinese series, ‘Love Unexpected Broker’ will also be releasing on Bongo.   

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