Mr Hasib gets a ‘lesson in household management’

A scene from Chorki's flick 'Shongshar Unlimited'.

Many fathers often forget the fact that it is the responsibility of both man and woman to run a household.

Take Mr Hasib for instance. He is a total workaholic and his life revolves around his office. There is nothing about spending time with children in Hasib’s life.

Hasib is the type of person who deems everything a waste of time unless it is working at the office. Managing a household is nothing special to him.

This rigid man, Mr Hasib incidentally appeared at a colleague’s house one day. He basically went there in search of a vital file. But, something so unusual happens there that it altered Hasib’s entire outlook on life.

A scene from Chorki's flick 'Shongshar Unlimited'.

He finally got to realise, how difficult it is to maintain a household. And, it is a group of children that led Hasib to this lesson on household management. These children made Hasib grasp the level of hardship it requires to manage a home.

Centering one such plot based on everyday details or disorder of the household, OTT platform Chorki made a flick named ‘Shongshar Unlimited’. This Chorki flick is a creation of the comedy genre.

Actor Iresh Zaker played the key character of Mr Hasib here. Apart from him, the cast includes actress Moushumi Hamid, Saira Jahan, Mir Rabbi along with some child artists.

Alongside the theme of the story the storytelling technique of ‘Shongshar Unlimited’ fascinated Iresh Zaker the most.

A scene from Chorki's flick 'Shongshar Unlimited'.

He commented, ‘The topic of the storyline is hilarious. In this male centric society, there have been many other stories along the same line of plot. But, it is crucial to represent the plot in a fun way. Those, who were my co-artists (Moushumi, Rabbi, Saira), they are actually pretty close to me. However, I was awed to see the child artists perform while working on this project.”

The actor mentioned an incident while taking about his experience of working with the child artistes, “Three children worked with me at the set. Out of them, I noticed Mumtahina to be pretty quiet towards the beginning. She was supposed cry in a scene. She was totally in a different mode, but as soon as the director said action, she acted so well and was so lively that all of us were stunned. Later, I realised she is actually a more seasoned actor than many of us.”

Another vital character of ‘Shongshar Unlimited’ will be portrayed by actress Moushumi Hamid. This is the first time she will be seen on Chorki. However she worked in the project with quite a bit of ease as it involved people she already knew.

She said, “Despite this being my first collaboration with Chorki, the whole team including Redoan Rony is so close to me that I faced zero problems while working.” Though her character gets a brief appearance on screen in ‘Shongshar Unlimited’, Moushumi said the role she played is ‘tremendously interesting’.

Mir Rabbi too worked for the first time with Chorki through ‘Shongshar Unlimited’. Sharing his experience of working on the project he said, “This particular story is a bit different. Some of our familiar issues from the day to day life and the meaning they carry have been beautifully presented here in an ironic way. It’s a wonderful family story.”

A scene from Chorki's flick 'Shongshar Unlimited'.

Another significant actress in ‘Shoingshar Unlimited’ is Saira Jahan. About her experience of working on the project she said, “While working on the flick, my respect for the housewives has increased.”

Director Abu Hayat Mahmud said, “Songshar Unlimited revolves around the story of our everyday life. Though it’s a familiar plot, there hasn’t been much work on this story.”

The director added, “These sorts of stories aren’t told that much in our subcontinent. I tried to present the story nicely before the audience. Our whole team gave their best form their respective positions for this.”