Rose Leslie and Kit Harington

Star couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie has been blessed with their second child. As per a media outlet, the two have welcomed a daughter into their lives.

"They're delighted to have welcomed a little girl into the family," a source told the media outlet.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington on their wedding.

The couple has been together since meeting and falling in love on the set of the HBO show 'Game of Thrones' in 2011. They tied the knot in June 2017.

Harington and Leslie welcomed their first child -- a baby boy -- in early 2021. Talking about his two-year-old son, Harington told Fallon their son is "about to get the shock of his life" as he's set to "get a brother or sister."

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

"I'm terrified... With the first baby you're like walking through clouds and dancing through fields of daisies for 9 months, well -- the man is anyway," Harington admitted.

When asked what his son thinks about the new baby, Harington explained he hasn't "conceptually understood it just yet."

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"We're trying to get him ready for it, we point to Rose's tummy and we say, 'Mommy's baby.' And he points at his tummy and says, 'My baby," Harington said.

In September 2020, Leslie, 35, confirmed that she and Harington, 36, had a baby on the way. Her pregnancy was revealed by the UK's Make magazine when the actress debuted her baby bump on the cover, as reported by the media.