On Friday noon, the forest officials found the carcass of the tiger, aged about 16-17 years and lenth about 9 feet and 4.2 feet high, from Ruper Canal adjacent to Dublarchar of the Sundarbans east zone.

"No sign of injury was found on the carcass of the tiger and all of its organs were found normal," said Tofazzel.

Samsul Arefin, assistant forest conservator of Sundarbans east department, said, "The tiger might have died two or three days ago. The actual reason will be known after getting the forensic report."

According to the forest department, a total of 40 tigers died from 2001 to 28 January 2022 in the Sundarbans and of these, 24 deaths were reported in Sundarbans east zone and 16 in the Sundarbans west zone.

Besides, a number of tigers were beaten to death by people while some others due to natural disaster and some due to old-age. Skins of 20 tigers were recovered during this period.

The number of Royal Bengal Tigers in Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans was 114, according to a survey published in 2018.

DFO Muhammad Belayet Hossain said the government has taken various initiatives to protect tigers. Habitats for wildlife, including tigers, have been increased in the Sundarbans.