Energypac organised webinar for saving country’s rivers


The Energypac organised a webinar on Saturday with a concentrated focus on the importance of saving our rivers, ensuring its cleanliness, and the safety of the river transportations used for communication, has said a press release.

Bangladesh is a riverine country, and the rivers are the lifeline of our ecology. If the life of the rivers is put in jeopardy, our existence will be at stake as well.

Keeping this in mind, Energypac arranged this webinar where the experts shed light on different pertinent issues related to our rivers.

In the virtual event, Sajid Hossain, commandant, Bangladesh Marine Academy, graced the webinar as the chief guest with Humayun Rashid, MD & CEO, Energypac Power Generation Limited; captain Md. Ruhul Amin, chief operating officer, Shipping and Logistics, Bashundhara Group (Sec-A); Md. Sirajul Islam, chairman, SST Marin Solutions Ltd, and Mohammad Masum Parvez, chief business officer, Power & Energy division, Energypac Power Generation Ltd., were present.

They delivered insightful speeches focusing on river pollution, water transportations, the importance of saving rivers and came up with hands-on suggestions.

Energypac managing director & CEO Humayun Rashid said at the webinar, “If we want to save our civilisation, we have to save our rivers. Rivers are also a source of income for us, which has the potential to ensure our economic growth. We need to develop skilled people who will keep the rivers safe and pollution-free, which could also expand regional business in future.”