Deep depression in the bay turns into cyclone 

BMD website

The deep depression that formed in the Bay of Bengal has developed into a cyclone, as reported in special bulletin number 10 from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department at 8:30 this Sunday morning. 

According to the bulletin, the deep depression over the southwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas moved further northwest, intensifying into Cyclone Michaung over the same region. 

As per the special notification from the BMD, at 6:00 am today, the cyclone was located 1,575 km southwest of the Chattogram seaport, 1,525 km southwest of Cox's Bazar coast, 1,450 km southwest of Mongla seaport, and 1,450 km southwest of Payra seaport. 

The Meteorological Department anticipates that the cyclone will continue to move northwestward and intensify. 

As for its characteristics, the Meteorological Department reports a maximum sustained wind speed of 62 kmph within 54 km of the cyclone's center, increasing to 88 kmph in gusty form. The sea is rough in the area near the centre of the cyclonic storm. 

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) has issued a remote warning signal number 2 for Chattogram, Mongla, Payra seaports, and Cox's Bazar in light of the cyclone.  

All fishing boats and trawlers operating in the North Bay of Bengal and deep-sea areas have been advised to proceed cautiously close to the coast until further notice. 

The cyclone has been named Michaung by Myanmar, and the BMD has stated that the risk of it directly hitting Bangladesh is very low.

The current trajectory suggests that the cyclone is likely to move towards the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states in India. 

Meteorologist Tariful Newaz Kabir from the BMD mentioned to Prothom Alo on Saturday that the cyclone may weaken and approach the southern coast of Bangladesh in the form of low pressure. Rainfall is anticipated on Thursday.