While coal still accounts for over 70 per cent of India's power production, India has pushed a renewables policy which envisages increasing green energy capacity more than four-fold by 2030.

In a statement released late on Friday after a deadline for the submission of technical bids, the coal ministry said only 19 of the 67 mines had drawn interest.

"Four of these mines are coking coal mines and the remaining 15 fifteen mines are non-coking coal mines," the ministry said.

Only eight mines received more than one bid, according to the statement. Auction guidelines stipulated a minimum of two technical bids for financial bids to be considered valid.

In the first coal mining auctions for the private sector without restrictions on end-use of the fuel conducted last year, there were no bids for nearly half of the 38 mines.

Production in India has largely been restricted to state-run Coal India Limited and another smaller government-controlled company.

Adani Power, Hindalco Industries and Vedanta Ltd were among the companies that submitted bids. No foreign miners took part.