On Friday, she again accused Washington of "targeting for repression Russian media" inside the United States.

"They are doing everything to make it impossible for Russia media to work," she said, adding that "if they don't normalise the work of Russian media on US territory, there will be forceful measures as a consequence."

She said the US media representatives were "invited" to the Russian foreign ministry on Monday.

Price said Moscow was reacting to the blacklisting a month ago of three Russian television channels -- Pervy Kanal, Rossiia-1, and NTV -- as part of international sanctions in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

He accused Moscow of "false equivalence" in comparing independent US journalists to the sanctioned Russian media, whom he described as "propaganda arms of the Russian government."

"The United States continues to issue visas to qualified Russian journalists, and we have not revoked the foreign press centre credentials of any Russian journalists working in the United States," he said.