Jonaki Fragrance unveils flagship boutique at Intercontinental Dhaka

Jonaki Fragrance, the nation's premier fragrance brand, established in 2020 by the esteemed interior designer Nasreen Zamir, has been a beacon of olfactory excellence in Bangladesh. Evolving from its inception, Jonaki (firefly) ventured beyond fragrances, delving into beauty products and attars. Originally available through select outlets such as Perfume Bangladesh, Dhali, Unimart, Almas, and its own online platforms, Jonaki recently inaugurated its flagship boutique at the prestigious Intercontinental Dhaka, aiming to showcase Bangladesh's indigenous aromas to both local connoisseurs and international visitors.

Nasreen Zamir embarked on this aromatic journey after three years of rigorous perfume research, conceptualizing Jonaki Fragrance to encapsulate the essence of native flowers. The brand's collection, epitomized by the tagline 'Joy of Light,' began with three women's fragrances—Neroli Blossom, Freesia Nights, and Oriental Jasmine, complemented by two masculine scents—Amaretto and Santal Tabak.

Inspired by the enchanting white flowers of Bangladesh, Nasreen Zamir meticulously crafted each fragrance drawing inspiration from dolan champa, beli (jasminum sambac), gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine. Over time, Jonaki expanded its repertoire to include lipstick, compact powder, and gel eyeliner, offering age-appropriate, trendy shades suitable for all skin tones.

Furthermore, Jonaki's recent additions of four attars, meticulously formulated without alcohol, reflect a blend of traditional essence and therapeutic properties. Nasreen Zamir's commitment to maintaining authenticity is evident as the fragrances are crafted abroad but conceptualized entirely in Bangladesh, including the packaging and labelling.

Freesia Night, with its light and fresh notes, blends freesia, rose, lily of the valley, and musk, perfect for a revitalizing scent throughout the day. Neroli Blossom, a fusion of citrus and floral fragrances, captures the essence of a blossoming garden on a sunny day. Meanwhile, Oriental Jasmine, with its enduring floral and woody notes, embodies the timeless allure of white flowers.

Jonaki's boutique at Intercontinental Dhaka offers an exquisite array of fine cotton and muslin scarves, wooden wall hangings, and pearl necklaces, reflecting Nasreen Zamir's artistic vision. Despite its commendable online presence, Nasreen Zamir is gratified to establish Jonaki at a physical location of her choosing, resonating with diaspora Bengalis worldwide.

Hopeful for Jonaki's ascension as a global fragrance brand, Nasreen Zamir envisions the establishment of a local laboratory and chemical factory in Bangladesh, ushering in an era of indigenous perfume production from design to distribution. With unwavering optimism, Nasreen Zamir dreams of a future where Bangladesh stands tall in the realm of fine fragrances, epitomizing excellence and innovation.