People are set to witness a more colourful and joyous day on Friday as this year both Pahela Falgun, the first day of Spring, and the Valentine's Day will be celebrated on the weekend.

The festival-loving Bangladeshi people are ready to welcome and celebrate the day with great joy and love in a colourful manner.

Falgun is the eleventh month in the Bengali calendar and the first month of the season, Spring, the king of all the six seasons that brings back warm sunshine, budding flowers and dancing of birds.

Keeping pace with the rest of the world, Bangladeshis also celebrate the Valentine's Day with their beloved ones.

Valentine's Day is a much-sought day for young couples. It is an occasion for them to go on long hangout wearing dazzling dresses to express love to each other exchanging flowers and gifts.

There is little doubt that the city is going to wear a different look on Friday with young revellers roaming around the city.

There are various arrangements in the capital to welcome the spring. Different socio-cultural organisations will hold various programmes, including music festivals, on the Dhaka University campus throughout the day.

Marking the Valentine's Day, various restaurants in big cities of the country have arranged special offers. Different gift shops are also trying to boost their businesses on the occasion with varied range of gift items.

Both shopping malls and online business pages offered special gifts or matching clothes for their loved ones, while flower markets are busy stocking red roses for the day.

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an ancient Roman tradition which has been celebrated in European countries for ages.

These days it is widely celebrated in Asia, including Bangladesh, thanks to its fast globalization.