"There comes a point when writing about fashion that we find some stuff is just a little too ridiculous to take seriously... That being said, every so often something lands on our desk that's just too stupid to let lie, the latest of which coming from, of course, @balenciaga, who have dropped a pair of black bow shoelace earrings, setting you back a total of $261," said the Instagram post.

The new Balenciaga earrings garnered different reactions from netizens.
"Balenciaga is selling these shoelace earrings in $261, these earrings are literally made out of shoelaces. How far these big labels would go in the name of ‘fashion’? At loss of words," a social media user tweeted.

"Balenciaga releasing 195 pound shoelace earrings, and here I am worrying about charging 100 pounds for a custom dress," another user quipped.

"Balenciaga has the stupidest inventions as it relates to fashion. Who is going to wear a shoelace earring," a netizen tweeted.

Earlier this month, Balenciaga faced criticism online for launching a trash bag worth $1800. The brand said it is available in four colours (and colour combinations) - black, white and red, blue and black, and yellow and black.