"Why is MGK dressed as a sea urchin," one person tweeted, while others compared him to the COVID-19 virus, a pincushion and a dog in a coyote vest, reported the outlet.

Multiple fans were concerned about how he would be able to sit. “okay colson this is dope af, but serious question, how do you sit?" one person asked. Another wrote, "but who will dare to sit beside him?"

After people realised that MGK had been seated beside music legend Lionel Richie, the barbs continued. "Poor Lionel Richie trying not to get impaled, on live TV," one user tweeted.

MGK himself even joked about the look; during his acceptance speech for Favorite Rock Artist, he quipped, "This s--t is really uncomfortable to pee in," as per reports. 

Elsewhere during his expletive-filled speech, MGK called out those who've labelled him a "tourist" in the rock world.

Kelly's last two albums, 2020's 'Tickets To My Downfall' and this year's 'Mainstream Sellout', were a stark departure from his previous rap career.

"These last two rock albums to me were me going to the moon, and I'm not done exploring the universe. I am all genres, I'll see you..." Kelly said before throwing the mic on the ground, reported NY Post.