Speaking truth critical to shape persona in Bangladesh, India

Sujayendra Das | Update:

Despite the value of truth in Bangladesh and India, be it in culture, professional field or politics, there is a growing temptation in both the countries to outsmart the opponents by using unscrupulous means.

We’ve found that the art of speaking the truth is seriously lacking on the part of one side whereas other side becomes badly sidetracked due to the lying tactics of the former. Thus our societies are cutting sorry figures in front of the western world. Truth is often missing there but persons and authorities responsible for bringing discipline take required action against the culprits in order to instill the art of truth in the human mind.

Some may wonder how far truth is valuable in the purification of societies but truth  possesses immense value for the betterment of humanity in general and, of course, that of societies in India and Bangladesh.

Relevance in Bangladesh, India

In today’s world, truth finds a valuable disposition with the objective to instill purity in the societies. Though in the west, some people resort to lying and unethical techniques but in the cream of societies they always try to overcome such deleterious situations, thereby converting it into a truthful one.

In the same way in Bangladesh and India, the art of speaking truth always finds valuable place so that respective societies rise up to dizzy heights. Unfortunately, in the modern era, some human beings in the two countries aim to enamour themselves in such a manner that sometimes some sections of our societies tend to lie to achieve their desired goals in life.

However, great people in diverse academic disciplines advise the peoples not to lie but rather to speak the truth and work hard relentlessly in our pursuit of success which is rationally praiseworthy. We should not think of inflicting any harm on others, rather through the mode of truth we should pray for success of others in both Bangladesh and India.

I would emphasise that right from childhood we should speak truth in society instead of uttering lies with an eye on achieving personal goals. Otherwise those involved in the task of telling lies are not at all welcomed in the societies.

Advantages of speaking truth

Speaking truth generates self confidence and motivates the family members and friends to speak the truth for betterment of the self.

It helps us excel in our reputation with others for growth in life in diverse professions and fields of activities.

It helps to improve our professional efficiencies in diverse professions and academic disciplines.

It motivates an individual to interact with tyrant elements with ease and alacrity.

Importance of speaking truth

Whether one is a scholar or businessperson or corporate boss or cultural personality, the art of speaking the truth is of paramount importance to people of all sections of societies irrespective of religious and linguistic backgrounds. Those speaking the truth are always well applauded and rewarded wholeheartedly.

Contrarily, those opposing it are despised in both Bangladesh and India. That is why, great persons profess that people should always speak the truth to be well placed among relatives and friends.

In this regard our political fraternities of both nations should be cautioned. The way they tell the citizens lies should be seriously taken into consideration. It is mainly because of speaking or rather rendering false assurances to our citizens, poverty is widespread in both the nations.

How to overcome lying

Cultures in Bangladesh and India are more or less similar. Still it is the most humble task on the part of parents of both countries to preach to their wards to speak the truth always. They should never tell falsehoods but keep the culture of speaking truth in them. It is most important for modern generations to understand this properly after proper grooming and successful completion of their academies. There are various other ways of how we can overcome lying tactics:

Reading books in the mother language and in English plus other vital languages.

Listening to music of all types inclusive of various tongues - Bangla language has a special place there.

We should look into the lives of great individuals of diverse disciplines to develop our morality to speak the truth.

Media should play a prolific role in presenting proper and correct news to develop confidence and morality of the masses.

Civil society actors should promote more transparency to develop the art of speaking the truth.

Politicians of both Bangladesh and India should always speak the truth to the people so that there is good vibes in our societies.

It is quite apparent that through the art of speaking the truth the modern generations of Bangladesh are grooming themselves well. They are getting adulations and encomiums from all across the globe. In the same way there are some modern generations who are progressing and developing themselves but they are very less in numbers as compared to Bangladesh.

The art of speaking will always remain valuable to us otherwise we would not have arrived at our desired goals of life.


Sujayendra Das lives in Kolkata, Bengal (India)

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