The works in the exhibition are themed on the mystical and romantic aspects of Sufism.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) art project by the artist can also be viewed in a VR tour of his own studio.

"The artworks in the exhibition NOOR are suffused with soft light, and an introspective, calm silence, but they are rooted in our time. Not only do they resonate with the holy month of Ramadan, but they also remind us of divine power and providence, and like Sufis, in times of crisis, to turn both inward and outward in search of the light," the artist says.

"NOOR can be viewed at in an immersive 3D Virtual Reality Tour with cutting-edge technology presented by ARTcon.

Ronni Ahmmed’s studio ‘Cosmic Ark’ is also be toured as part of the VR experience.

In-person visits at the gallery will be possible based on appointments after lockdown restrictions are withdrawn or slackened, and the exhibition would remain open every day for visitors from 12pm till 8pm in that situation, the organisers said.

The exhibition will continue across both platforms until 14 May.

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