Wonderful wedding trends in winter

Among Bangladesh's six distinct seasons, weddings emerge as the unspoken seventh, weaving tales of love, tradition, and joy. Amidst all the seasons, winter stands as the undisputed choice for matrimonial celebrations- the perfect ending to a year of colourful seasons.

Winter becomes more than just a season; it's a canvas on which weddings create lifelong memories. Let’s look at some of the winter weddings trends and things we should not miss out on.

Nibbling before the main meal

Get ready, taste buds, because we're about to embark on a flavor safari through 'holud" snacking! We all know Bangladeshi weddings means a host of delicious rich food like kacchi with “alu, chicken roast, tehari, beef and the mouthwatering jorda.

But let’s not forget the food that sets the mood during the holud; the food before the main food.  We know holud is the event of dance and colour and every group has some kind of performance lined up.

So, while you patiently await your turn to spin and swirl, make sure you treat your taste buds to the ever-present holud delicacies such as fuchka, chotpoti, jilapi, pitha and that piping hot coffee.

Grab yourself a plate and don’t miss out on the holud snacking trend, but remember don’t fill up too much because the kacchi is yet to come.

Speaking of performances …

Get ready to groove!

Having music and choregraphed dance performances have become a part of our wedding culture. While we have seen in the past that Bollywood songs dominate our weddings, in recent time Bangla songs have taken over with a huge number of crowd favorite hits.

In the past two years, chart-toppers like 'Naya Daman' and 'Beni Khuley' dominated the wedding music scene. This year the trending song is Coke Studio Bangla’s ‘Deora’. Any wedding you go to, you either see someone playing the song or groups of people dancing to it.

So, it only makes sense that we jump onto this trending train and prepare a musical performance on Deora with our friends and families when planning for holud events this year. With its current 60+ million views on YouTube, it is already a crowd favorite, that is guaranteed to get the audience grooving at the events.

No more selfies-it’s all about 360!

The hottest trend on weddings right now is the 360 camera booths. Ditch the shaky selfies and jump on the platform with your friends and families to get that rotating video and pictures.

Forget zooming in on blurry faces, have some funky poses prepared instead and put some cool music and step into the heart of the action to the newest trend of the wedding season.

Make your own wedding videos

Well, not exactly your own wedding videos, we leave that to the professionals at the event. But while we wait for them to give us the final footage, whip out that phone and start creating reels.

Get some shots of the amazing bride and groom, moments between friends and family, the close up of the delicious food, and of course some nice shots of your outfit and make your own wedding reels for the social media.

Add a nice music and voila! You have your perfect wedding reels that can share on social media and be part of the current wedding trend.

Bangladeshi weddings are always fun filled events and hoping onto such trends will only enhance the overall experience for everyone involved, especially the newlyweds.